Thursday, February 25, 2016

Will the final Manor Racing driver please Stand Up...

Apparently Thy newly reconstituted Manor Racing F1 Team was taking a page from Dale Coyne's Playbook; Hya! When announcing its first confirmed 2016 driver to the world on February 10th, less than a Fortnight before Formula One's first winter test, albeit that's months 'N month's 'O time for Messer Coyne; Hooah!

Thus leaving only one seat available for this year's Formula 1 season, as Alexander Rossi, Will Stevens and Rio Haryanto A-L-L sat on tether hooks, or was I-T Pins & Needles? Awaiting to land their respective place upon Thy Grid for 2016.

As presumably Manor ran a minimum of two drivers during this week's first round of thee just concluded "Winter Olympics," right? Or perhaps kept us spellbound by running a European version of the famed Jack Roush "Gong Show" audition, running all three remaining hopeful drivers instead?


Funny how a few days after I'd scribbled the wild haired notion of the Jack Roush Gong Show approach, Shuhzamm! News surfaced speculatin'  about the novel idea of running all three drivers...