Friday, February 26, 2016

Alexander Rossi comes to America...

Formula 1's LOSS is America's GAIN!

By now Y'all know that American F1 Hopeful Alexander Rossi has joined the newly created Andretti-Herta Autosport IndyCar team, which effectively will become the pseudo-fourth car of Andretti Autosport. As  cannot say how Jazzed' I'm over this development, even if it's a Setback for Formula 1 gaining traction in Americre', where Mikey A's now got a lock on the last three Yanks' to race in F1!

In typical R' fashion, which seems like totally unscripted down-to-earth interviews, Indy Cars Soothsayer Miller has a great chat with Mikey A about inking Rossi for '16.

Also enjoyed Miller's chat with Alexander or is I-T Alex? Hmm? Seem to recall another driver who shortened his name to Alex having a pretty good career Stateside - Think Target Red!