Monday, February 22, 2016

F1: Testing Begins without Fanfare...

Can this year's Team Willy' Customer powered Merc' FW38 chassis challenge for wins?  (Image source:
Lookie 'Thar, I think that's the Renault? Although that's a pretty garish shade 'O yellow, Eh? And that Toro Rosso sure is pretty blue...

And so it begins, that time 'O year when all the Formula 1 chassis have that new car smell... But don't expect any glitzy Ooh la la Champagne and Caviar fueled F1 Car launches, since them days are long gone!

And don't expect to see the team's definitive 2016 season's challengers on hand, or their final hues. As at least two cars will change their spots; Err colour pallets, with Scuderia Toro Rosso and Renault running interim schemes, while Sauber won't even run their 2016-spec chassis until the second Barcelona test.

Meanwhile, can it be true that Team Willy', aka Williams F1 who led the way in multiple paint schemes in previous run-ups  to the season kickoff will simply keep steady by not shaking up its black 'N white Martini theme?

Yet la Scuderia, nee Ferrari has evoked memories of the mid-1970's championship years with its addition of white to the cockpit surround and airbox, while Red Bull updated its colours with the only ritzy launch in London to  ballyhoo their new Puma deal.

Alas, Chris Horner's got a snazzy Swiss sewing machine to propel his swanky kitted  out drivers, now all he needs is some horsepower; Hya!

Which just leads us to the others, as ZERO idea what the Haas and Manor cars will look like, although perhaps Manor will be in green? Which would be an appropriate choice - since that's what it cost its drivers a bundle of!

As I'm majorly Bummed over Manor's overlooking Alexander Rossi, but alas, looks like Messer Fitzpatrick simply took the cash!

And what shade will thee Woking lads be wearing? As may be they shouldn't have gotten new timepieces, especially if the Honda engines don't speed up; Hooah!

All of which is even before we look forward to the possibilities of radically altered Formula 1 racing cars for the 2017 season...