Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Penske’s poison pen?

Did that grab Y’all? Nah, nothin’ to do with Tony George’s ‘lil takeover bid thingy or The Captain, aka Roger Penske... Just stumbled across the following story when perusing my nightly news in a story I’d typically not read, yet the karmic whip told me to read I-T Dammit...

The story was about the continuously crumbling state of the staid, current, traditional print mediums, i.e.; magazines & newspapers. To which I cannot say I’m familiar with Variety magazine, but the part of the story that PEAK-ed my interest was the name associated as the buyer of said 107-year old faltering magazine purchased. None other than a one Mr. Jay Penske! Who Y’all may recall as the LOSER who drunkenly PISSED Himself all over some woman’s shoes recently...

Yet, when Jay isn’t busy running away from the ‘Coppers, or managing his ‘lil Dragon Racing IndyCar team, apparently he can be found at the controls of his Santa Monica based Penske Media Corporation (PCM) business, which purchased Hollywood gossip columnist Nikki Finke's Deadline.com in 2009.

“PMC also owns entertainment websites TVLine and Movieline, celebrity news and fashion site HollywoodLife, and mobile gadget website BGR.”

No word on how Jay Penske expects to renovate or modernize the magazine’s current format, which he bought for $25-million; Hmm? Makes Yuhs wonder why he couldn’t field two fulltime entries this season, eh? Or was it solely due to the lack of Chevy turbo ‘lumps available? As perhaps le ‘Hamburgular, nee Sebastain Bourdais can run the entire 2013 season wrapped in the smorgasbord of PCM entities, with Variety emblazoned on the Dallara’s sidepods?

Thus with ALL of this media Star power, surely Jay can whip us all up in a frenzy over his racing team, not to mention potential sponsors... Just as long as he doesn’t PISS ‘em off!