Friday, November 2, 2012

Let’s All Shed a Tear for Belskus...

Originally for my Trick or Treat post I was gonna scribble something clever ‘bout how Randy “The CandyMann” Bernard got a nasty treat while A-L-L of the IndyCar Fans definitely got TRICKED! As you can figure out pretty quickly via le Blogosphere how many of us feel about the Buffoonery of Randy’s firing; Err, decision to step down; yeah, that’s the ticket!

Yet is it just me or; WTF? Did I really read that Jeffery “the Walrus” Belskus had the audacity to say when asked by the AP’s Jenna Fryer the following;

Asked if there was anything that could have been done differently over the last week, Belskus simply said: “I wish I could have gotten more sleep. It’s been a busy time.”

BOO HOO HOO! Mr. Belskus; let’s ALL shed a HUGE Crocodile tear for Hulman & Co’s self anointed “Platipuss” speaker ‘O eloquence, or should that be Elephants? As why do I feel like we’re regressing into the age of the IMSes SHUT UP & TAKE IT era...

On the flip side, Marshall Pruett’s two part expose definitely shed’s a better public light on what the Indy Car Series should at least be able to tell us in a shiny, happy, *Bunnies ‘N Rainbow* type of way.

What’s that Mr. Belskus; Ooh, do you need to take a nap? Is it nappy-time for you? You can’t find your “Big Boy” pants? Are you all knackered out? Whadah Uze means Move Along there’s NOTHING to look at here, eh? You’re in charge? Oh Never Mind!

As I sure as HELL hope they get somebody way more adept at Public Speaking than Mr. Belskus pronto... As he sure AIN’T doing himself or Hulman & Co any favours in the Public Relations department!