Friday, November 30, 2012

The Eyes of Texas are Upon You...

Angelina Eberly statue by Pat Oliphant. .” (Source:
Having forwarded Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward’s story Farewell Austin, Body armour on to Austin Bureau Chief ‘Claudio upon my return from Texas, I received the following reply:

Dear Tomaso; A note on the cannon lady.    There was no Mexican involvement or the Alamo.     she fired the cannon without shot - cannonball - to awaken the residents of Austin to come to the capitol because a large group of white Texans from Houston - a much larger and formidable city compared to tiny Austin - were there before dawn to steal the founding documents of the republic and the original red, white, and blue, lone star flag and establish the "new" state capitol in Houston.    It woke the residents who flocked to the capitol grounds and placed the thieves under citizen's arrest.    The incident cemented Austin as the permanent site of the republic's capitol...

The woman in question was Angelina Eberly, whom fired a 6lb cannon shot in 1842, alerting townsfolk to Texas Rangers thievery in what has become known as the Texas Archives War, when said documents were attempted being stolen by those dastardly Houstonites...

So there Y’all got the real story about the “Cannon Lady.” And that concludes the history portion of the F1 circuses visit to Austin, the capitol of Texas; and don’t Y’all forget I-T Yah, Yah!

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