Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breaking Up the SPEED F1 Band

Ok, so this has been out for awhile, albeit I missed the ‘Offical news release whilst in Austin, Texas - over how Bob Varsha will end his 23-year association with fellow broadcaster ‘Hobbo, aka David Hobbs... As apparently Varsha still has one year remaining upon his SPEED TV contract and hence, will be staying at the ‘RASSCAR Shopping Network, while ‘Hobbo, Professor (Steve) Matchett and “Willie Buxom” (Will Buxton) migrate over to NBC/NBC Sports Network - with Leigh Diffey taking over Varsha’s role at the Peacock next year. As I still cannot figure out if this is just SPEED spiteing the loss of F1 to NBC or if comca$t are being extreme tightwads and didn’t wish to buy out Varsha’s final year? Or may be? Just may be Messer Varsha simply wishes for a change? As we’ll definitely miss the smooth non-plussed leadership of Varsha at the helm of the Formula 1 broadcasts next year...

Yet, I must say I became quite miffed over Dave First’s USA-USA-USA! Taunts on Autosport Radio Tuesday night of how could NBC - which just so happens to be his competitor’s network, as First works for the local ABC affiliate; controversy intended, huh? Prattle on ‘bout having a DAMN foreigner, aka Leigh Diffey calling the vaunted IndyCar races next year might ‘Cornfuze casual television observers into thinking they’ve run into the Formula 1 broadcast instead; SHEISA! As get over yourself Mr. First, as I for one think Diffey’s a great announcer.

And perhaps this is Indy Cars problema of not being able to differentiate themselves from the pack? Albeit I dare say the DW12 replete with Kardashian humps upon its rear flanks looks anything remotely like a current F1 chassis, eh?

But back to Messer Varsha; as perhaps he’ll inherit Diffey’s role as lead announcer of the Grand Am series instead - while there’s still no resolution on SPEED’s future, as interestingly they were running adverts for next January’s Barrett-Jackson auction during the just concluded Brazilian GP, which Varsha also anchors, so who knows what the Bully Boyz at FOX are up to, eh? May be a massive ‘RASSCAR-Fication? Oh Never Mind!

Yet on a positive note, albeit I got a ‘Wee bit tired of hearing it played over the COTA public address loudspeakers ad nausium the entire weekend... Smartly, the fine folks at the Peacock had a commercial promoting the switch of Formula 1 coming to the NBC & NBC Sports Network for 19-races beginning in March, 2013 as part of the track’s commercials...

We’ll miss Yuhs Bob! Along with the cerebral musings ‘O Sam Posey too...

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