Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brazilian Thriller: Vettel wins record third title...

Otay, hopefully Y’all watched the race last Sunday, as your humble scribe dutifully got up “Justin-time” to watch the 7:30AM Pacific Pre-race festivities via the NoFendersville “lounge.” And I cannot describe it any better than an absolutely nail biting race; shades ‘O Brazil ’08, as I’d originally feared that Master ‘Zebb had done the unthinkable and thrown his championship away with his boneheaded collision with native son Bruno Senna on lap-1... Simply in shock, I almost turned thee ‘Telie off in disgust, but kept watching instead, as it felt a little bit like déjà vu once again a la Fontana’s IndyCar finale - as Fredrico suave (Alonso) still needed to finish third or better to assume the points lead.

Yet surprisingly Sebastian Vettel’s car, while damaged, was still fully functional and the German quickly motored his way back towards the front of the grid, while I must admit I was rootin’ for thee Incredible Hulkster to win the race instead! As it would have been great for Nico Hulkenberg to win his debutant Grand Prix when all attention was focused upon two other Germans instead, i.e.; Vettel and some cat known here as DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher who was retiring for good this time after a less then impressive three year stint at Mercedes.

And as we all know, the race was a real donnybrook, with ultimately ‘JENSE (Jenson Button) playing the role of spoiler and preventing Alonso from the championship - as the entertaining trivial fact that Fernando’s now lost more titles then he’s won; having lost the championship in the final race three times: 2007, 2010 & 2012, all in the final race was divulged by SPEED’s “StatRatt.” While der Wunderkin Vettel reigned supreme again and claimed his third consecutive title by a scant three points...

Yet there was another title fight of sorts going on way down the order involving Marussia v Caterham for the all important tenth and final paying position in the Constructors championship, which Caterham snatched courtesy of Vitaly ‘VO5 Petrov’s 11th place finish, one position ahead of rookie Charles Pic - thus stealing the position away from Marussia, who are heavily in debt in the season’s final race. As it’ll be ultra ironic if ‘KOVY (Heikki Kovalainen) keeps his Caterham race seat thanks largely to Petrov’s 11th place finish. Although I’m still a bit puzzled over the hurriedness to eject the ‘Rooskie with the Russian Grand Prix on the horizon. Hmm? Perhaps Hispania could take a flyer with Vitaly while hopefully keeping the team open next year and thru 2014?

While there are several driver moves afloat, I’d simply like to bask in the afterglow of a most mesmerizing race and fantastic F1 season; while I’m also thrilled that Felipe Massa rightfully finished on the podium in his home race, especially after A-L-L of the shenanigans la Scuderia has made him endure this season and the past few years - being forced to play the dutiful role of a number-2 driver. Fernando, Vettel is FASTER than you again, can you confirm that please; Hya!