Sunday, November 11, 2012


For those of you loyal readers or infrequent visitors to the No Fenders site via Internet Explorer browser - you may notice that the No Fenders website layout has changed, as  mysteriously I first noticed that the entire sidebar’s links had been moved down to the bottom of the page yesterday; WTF?

As I’m not sure  if this has something to do with the SHITHEADZ at Google who’ve  just stopped supporting IE8 in there rush to only support the latest & greatest BLEEPING FADS upon le interwoods; can you say P.O.S. w8? As perhaps my 6yr old blog template  has been discarded by the fine folks at Google...

Anyhow, my faithful ‘Blogmeister Miguel is aware of this nepotism by Google & is investigating the root cause and hopefully will have it all back to Lookin’ Sharp soon! Thank you for your patience...  

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