Monday, November 12, 2012

Good News for Lola...

Otay, so this is slightly dated news, yet nevertheless very good news indeed for those of us O-L-D enough to remember Lola Cars - which once ruled the roost in Open Wheel Racing, having even won the Indy 500 three times, as I’d just ARSE-sumed those Lola Cars was simply gone.

Yet it appears that longtime North American Lola distributor Carl Haas and the ‘Kuhnadiun firm Multimatic have come to the rescue, according to Gordon Kirby.

As I was hoping by the time I posted this story, the formal announcement would have been made, yet alas I cannot find anything besides the good Messer Kirby’s article upon this development.

Thus I’m not sure how this all completely works, since it sounds like Multimatic is taking over the manufacturing aspects; unless they’ll just continue using Lola’s European facilities for efforts abroad? Meanwhile; Hmm? Perhaps Lola could reinvigorate itself by becoming the new Indy Lights chassis supplier? Just a thought...

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