Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lamenting Motorsports – Part 3

The No 78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy/HVM Racing car... (Source:
Yeah, I know – you’re probably saying enough with the “Geo-politico” theme Man! Yet, I must simply carry-on, especially since THE ‘DAWG sez REAL Bloggers due multi-part stories... Whale that and the fact that this touchy subject was also stickin’ in my craw, having first spoken out about it way back in;

Now, while I know many will quickly say that it was a freak ‘O nature that caused this unormal occurrence – to which I don’t disagree or dispute. Nevertheless, I cannot help expounding upon it, especially since I’m going to be subjugated to hearing the ‘Tagline Nuclear “Clean Air” Car for the next three Indy Car racing seasons; with the somewhat “Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge” emphasis upon  CLEAN AIR – which I’m assuming is a subliminal swipe at the nation’s coal industry - targeted to pull upon environmentalist’s heart-strings?

Yet has anybody been paying attention to the recent nuclear power plant Pandemic in Japan – after suffering its worst earthquake in recent history, a magnitude 8.9 on the Richter scale... Not to mention the 7+ aftershock or the 80 aftershocks incurred afterwards, not to mention the resulting tsunami that also wreaked havoc upon the area...

170,000 people were evacuated from a 12-mile zone surrounding the troubled nuclear reactor; a 40yr old GE Mk I Boiling water generator. Civilians were also given iodine to prevent against possible throat cancer; Hmm? That sounds quite similar to what Downwinders in Eastern Washington are fighting over in court...

Yet, I suppose it’s eerily ironic that it would be Japan once again facing possible nuclear maladies, having unfortunately been the recipients of two atomic bombs during the final stages of World War II...

In Nuclear Crisis, Crippling Mistrust

Quick Facts
442 nuclear power plants worldwide.

2009 survey: 435NPP’s – 75% PAST halfway of life expectancy.
Typical NPP lifespan = 40yrs.

NPP site remains TOXIC for 800yrs.

40 GE NPP’s similar to Japanese NPP design in US, including Vermont’s Yankee Clipper that Entergy Nuclear is pleading to have its license extended.

Merkel puts 3-month delay on decision for Germany’s 17 NPP’s lifespans being extended.
(NPP = Nuclear Power Plant)

And please do not misinterpret me as a proponent of coal power, as I find this to be an absolutely disgusting form of energy, that wreaks havoc upon the environment and mankind in so many toxic ways; as do you really believe there’s such a thing as “Clean coal?”

 Yet I also do NOT profess to know the answer to our world’s energy needs, as all forms of creating power seemingly have their downsides. It’s just that the nuclear option seems to be the absolute worst!

As there truly isn’t a CLEAN way to dispose of nuclear radiation, regardless of what we’re led to believe - as the U.S. is now seriously rethinking their decision to attempt converting nuclear waste into MOX as a fuel source for nuclear reactors.

While I happen to live in the state with the world’s worst toxic dump, a place known as Hanford, which I suspect will never truly be clean again, as there’s simply been too much contamination seeping into the ground & water for too many decades now...

Meanwhile the Government fights to establish Hanford’s “B” Reactor as a National Monument; YUK! Do we really wish to glorify the use of two Atomic bombs to MURDER thousands of Japanese civilians?

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