Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ferrari to question Vettel’s championship?

I first came about this late yesterday afternoon, not bothering to read the whole story since it was dated Nov 29th and thus a day ahead of Mwah Stateside. Yet the story from Adam Cooper’s F1 blog titled Yellow flag controversy casts shadow over championship definitely was most disturbing... Really Scuderia Ferrari? You’d sink to such levels in order to win the driver’s title? I mean if the rumours are true that la Scuderia will pay Fredrico Suave  $10m bonus - then obviously Alonso would be salivating over this... But, C’mon Maranello - Get Over It! You were beaten by the German ‘Wunderkin Master ‘Zebb and this would be a very tawdry & despicable way to win the drivers crown over Sebastian Vettel who rightly should be the 2012 world champion!

Thus fortunately, for the sports sake, the FIA has reacted swiftly upon this trumped up controversy by quickly announcing publicly there is NO foul regarding Vettel’s pass over “B-team” driver Jean-Eric Vergne, and henceforth Sebastian is still the 2012 F1 Driver’s world champion...