Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For Those Who watch IndyCar – We Salute You Will Power!

Will Power tells the WHOLE world what he thinks ‘bout Brian Barnhart’s latest race Officiating GAFF! (Source:
So I haven’t had time to digest the litany O ‘Oh-Pin-Yuns on Ye Internetz over the Festimus of Triple B’s Piece de la Resistance race Officiatin’ YeeHaw! SMOKE ON! BillyBob BrazenHeartz... Except for the thought that Messer Will Power gets my vote for Largest Bollocks of the Year for Oh So RIGHTLY telling BillyBob what he (and the rest of the grid & paddock) really felt ‘N thought about that ABOMINATION of a race call!

Thus I thought I’d throw out this Bloggaratzi Triangle Ye ‘Vurd Butchery instead – as PopOff Valve’s Head Scribe introduces us to a brand new and very unflattering nickname of Messer Barnhart...

Over at the always SmackDaddy HipsterSpeakin’ pressdog, Thee ‘Dawg tries seein’ how many times he can insert Carnival themes, mostly utilizing the insertion of Clown Cars and there accompanying FunnyMen into his race notes in...

Notes Taken During the 2011 IndyCar Race at New Hampshire

Whilst over at MFW – ‘Stef takes a somewhat more sedate approach to the chicanery of this past weekend’s Loudon Green-White Checker’s or WRECKERZ IndyCar attempt of thee BIG ‘JUAN...

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