Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bahrain’s Political Woes continue

On the heels of Formula 1 having pulled out of Bahrain not once but twice this year – initially postponing the 2011 season opening Bahrain Grand Prix slated for March 13th due to political unrest and the killing of countless civilians... The World Motor Sport Council tried lamely reinstating the Grand Prix for later this season before public outcry led the FIA to remove the rescheduled event from the F1 calendar once again, with hopes of quietly returning sometime in 2012.

Now comes word that the Volvo Golf Champions, part of the European Tour has announced the postponement of the second annual Golf Tournament due to the still lingering conflict, as Volvo Event Management President Per Ericsson stated;

”We do not feel Bahrain can host a tournament of this magnitude while the international perception of Bahrain is as it is.”
Uh Gee, really Mr. Ericsson? UH DUH! As perhaps it’s just Mwah – but I find it pretty sad that the deaths of 33 civilians who were peacefully demonstrating against the Kingdom of Bahrain wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the PressSpeak... As Volvo will now instead simply rotate the lucrative ($1.5 million prize fund) golf tourney to “Selected” rotating venues to be named later with an eye upon returning to the Oil rich Kingdom’s Royal Golf course  sometime in the future; FORE!