Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Brian letter received...

Dear Tomaso,
               It is my understanding that you have been pushing for an IndyCar race at your "Home” track at Portland for several years now. Yet after careful scrutinizing we at the IZOD Indy Car Series have determined that the track conditions there are always too WET to EVER drop a green flag there again. 

Meanwhile, In this time of continuously scrutinizing IndyCar Officiating - we must also advise you that no way in HELL would we ever consider having a race there in your own state for you Washingtonian WANKERS!

Thus, just to set the record straight: Will Power of Team Penske was directing his (Double Byrd) gestures last Sunday towards you, not at me, when he was asked if he would like to race at Portland

Therefore, I suggest that you visit Austin, Texas instead for the upcoming Formula  1 race where dry conditions will be guaranteed...

William B. Braveheartz
Chief Steward - IZOD Indy Car Series
Director of Competition - IZOD Indy Car Series
“Chairman at Large” Indy Racing League