Monday, August 8, 2011

No Fenders on brief Hiatus...

As it appears to be approaching the DAWG-dazes ‘O Summer, as reputedly everyone’s off to their nearby beaches with spade ‘N buckets in hand... As several crack members of Ye Bloggaratzi are taking a brief siesta from the never ending iridescent green rays of thee Confuzer monitor... Your Humble Scribe thought he’d join the parade, albeit I’m off to hopefully play in the sand a slightly different way, i.e.; visiting the Sand Dunes of Oregon instead, although it is right alongside the Pacific Ocean via Highway-1. As hopefully I’ll get to take a ride aboard a Sand ‘Rail (Dune Buggy) whilst on Holiday.

Therefore; there will be NO blog posts for the next  week, as I’ll try to be ‘Backhoed,  Err Back Home again by next Monday; August 15 – when hopefully my 36 faithful readers will resume following my Krackerjax scribblinz upon Ye No Fenders blog; Hya!