Monday, August 8, 2011

STEAMIN’ Somewheres in Seattle

Ah, the tranquil settings of summertime in a MegaTroplis; the Birds, the Bees, Children running around gaily, summer breezes, sunshine and WTF? A multitude ‘O industrial strength Leaf Blowers – as apparently Seattle’s summer has two become enraptured in the pastimes of our neighbour’s Up North Eh! As according to Thee Rhythm Professor, aka Neil Peart of the KILLER Rock band RUSh – there’s ONLY two seasons in Toronto... Winter and road CONSTRUCTION! (Cymbol crash please...)

Thus, earlier this morning as I tried steppin’ out – there was a Quartet of Storm Troopers blowing the parking lot in final preparations for the pouring of a fresh coat of AshFault; SHEISA!

As I tried vainly walking outside this morning for my trek to wrussle up some supplies, I groaned to myself how nice... The FUCKING AshFault paving truck is parked directly in FRONT of my stairway... Yeah, the whole FURLIN’ planet Wah-wha-wha...

So I sidestepped said vehicle and began walking slowly towards said droning noise trying to rely upon my hearing and thus decided NOT to cut across the parking lot towards the pedestrian walkway – where the Robotrons appeared to be gleefully workin’ away... Of which Gee Wally; Guess What AIN’T being fixed; can you say sidewalk?

Passing the multiple Robotrons with white cane displayed – suddenly aboot 50-feet onwards one of the men YELLED STOP! As apparently I was headed directly towards the wet AshFault being laid... Thus, two different men approached me simultaneously & offered to assist me outta the parking lot... Heading up the hill and out of harms way, I decided to turn back ‘round and go hunker down in my frumpy ‘lil Abode instead; since I could envision trying to need crossing wet, hot, gooey, tacky & sticky AshFault upon my return; CRIKEYS! As they’ve been outside ALL BLOODY DAY... As it’s somewhat bemusing how we take such great care of our be-LUV-ed roadways for automobiles but DON’T do SHIT for the sidewalks that us pedestrians must transverse daily...

Guess may be I’d better go on vacation ‘n get the HE-LL outta here, eh?