Monday, August 8, 2011

More Details on Senna; Lauda-Hunt movies revealed

So, I know Y’all probably DON’T care ‘bout my PAIN ‘N SUFFERIN’ to actually finally sus-out the actual Theatre/Date/Time for the Senna Documentary that I’ve been hoping to see live in Seattle ever since being mercilessly teased by all the European ‘Journoes who’ve already seen it, not to mention the OZ ‘Celeb’s Down Under, i.e.; ‘BLACKJACK, nee Sir Jack Brabham, Mick Doohan, Jamie Wynncup, etc.

And thus, as I attempted to continuously peel back the layers ‘O Internetz teasers – as I’d previously discovered Seattle’s date, I discovered a new webpage actually giving the mystery Theatre’s dates & locations; over the steady DRONE of a F%%KING air compressor (Friday) outside my door as an overly LOUD work crew rebuilds my rotten deck patio; SHEISA! I’ve got a Headache; but I digress...

Meanwhile, perhaps Y’all have heard ‘bout Ron “Opie” Howard’s plans to make a feature length film about Niki Lauda vs. James Hunt’s epic 1976 Formula 1 Scrum for the F1 World Championship – which its working  titled is reportedly RUSH; Hmm? Isn’t there a ‘Kuhnadiun Power Trio by that name? Oh Never Mind!