Monday, July 18, 2011

Who Shot the Deputy?

So Y’all most likely know that ‘Ol ‘SlowHand song wherez ‘EC croons
I Shot the Sherriff; But I Didn’t Kill the Deputy!

BUTT! According to Open Wheel Racing’s Numero Uno Curmudgeon, aka Robin Miller (who’ll be guest hosting an upcoming Wind Tunnel episode whilst Ye ‘Ol Windbag is off to Alaska upon his ‘Scooter...) Hate is not only Good, it’s actually GUH-GUH-GUH-GURR-REAT!!!

MILLER: Hate is Great

As I’ll leave it to Y’all to decide if Yuhs agree or not? As meanwhile; Inquiring Minds STILL wanna Know! Who really slipped upon ze Banana peal ‘N stuck der foot in ‘Dare Keister over ‘Dat BLOWN Dashley LePew PHANTOM Avoidable Contact penalty during this year’s ThorRontTee-un Firecracker 400!

As I listened to Kevin Lee on Trackside last Thursday evening doin’ his bestest Perrywinkle-dust toe Tap ‘round the situation – which put him in a slight pickle; Hmm? Let’s see, Kevin works race weekends for NBC Sports/ConversNbc/comca$t – who OWN Versus, who are now blamed for the snafu.

Yet in fairness, it wasn’t Kevin who blew the call, as he was just the “lowly” ‘Pitboy reporter sent down to offer his head upon a silver platter for ‘Cheep to bite off! As for the Booth Jockeys - I seriously doubt I could handle all of the constant overlapping of NON-Stop voices in my Head, Err Headset... Yet, the situation was handled ‘Uber POORLY and hopefully WON’T occur again in the future...

As I still DON’T understand why Indy Car doesn’t utilize F1’s system where the Stewards post the information Car No. 10 and 12 are under investigation – otherwise, NO penalties have been handed out...

Randy Pemberton, Bob Varsha and Robin Miller are all slated to Guest Host editions of Wind Tunnel in Dave Despain’s absence over the next few weeks, reportedly with Miller having Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti as Co-host, replete with a chat with thee ‘Wee Scot, aka Sir Jackie. (Stewart)

It’s also worth noting that Despain mentioned on air how he’d be willing to bet his entire vacation pay on how NEITHER Bob Jenkins or Terry Linger made up the bogus Dashley LePew Phantom ThorRonTee-Un penalty call...