Monday, July 11, 2011

Powers New Shoes, ‘Plowie’s New ride...

So I found it pretty amazing that the “Powers-to-Be” (Pun intended) at Penske Racing made a rather bold move this past Friday – when it was publicly announced that Dancin’ Fool ‘HULIO’s Strategist Tim Cindric would take over this role for Penske’s leading man Will Power – who’s borne the BRUNT of several key Pitlane snafu’s by his crack Penske pit crew... Which led me to muse recently to Indiana Bureau Chief Danny B: I know it’s NOT true; BUTT! It almost seems like Penske does NOT want Will Power to win the IndyCar title over Castroneves; CRIKEYS!

As I think it was Bob Varsha on Speedcentre who said Power was clearly agitated during his post concussion “TRUTH SYRUM” spoutin’ off the words SHIT MAN! I keep getting SCREWED in the Pitlane, albeit this was a much more mild bout ‘O discontent vs. lead Penske ‘Roundy-rounds Boy Curt Busch’s outlash on his in-car radio awhile ago, eh?

Thus, Cindric, who’s been Helio Castroneves Strategist since 2000, a streak of 196 consecutive races together – will now take over this duty for Will Power beginning at Toronto as The Captain, aka Roger Penske has deemed this necessary in order for Will to have a chance at dethroning Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti and arch rival Chip Ganassi from a third consecutive Indy Car Series Championship; Aye Karumba!

Meanwhile, past Indy Lights protagonists Sam Schmidt and Gary Peterson of SSM (Sam Schmidt Motorsports) and AFS (Automated Fire Systems) respectively have announced their merger of IndyCar operations; teaming up to run the AFS Racing No. 17 beginning at the upcoming Mid Ohio race, where former Indy Lights winner Martin “Plowie” Plowman will make his Big Car debut. Then the 23yr old Englishman will contest the “Twisties” at Sears Point (Sonoma) and Baltimore, as one can only guess this is a lead-up to a full time Gig for 2012? NO word on whether/not they’ll run the remaining Ovals – perhaps with Thy Leggy ‘Juan, nee Katherine Legge at the controls? We’ll see, eh?