Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is Sam Schmidt Motorsports the Next Rising Star in Indy Cars?

So apparently there seems to be a lotto speculation occurring over Sam Schmidt Motorsports plans for the future in the IndyCar ranks, as rumours continue to swirl over ‘TAG – NOT ‘TAGS, aka Alex Tagliani and his finishing out of the current Indy Car Season, although I’d like to assume the ‘KuhNuck will stay put in the No. 77 SSM ‘BigCarz entry, along with returning to the team next year as Samuel Schmidt sez as the ‘Veteran driver/Team-leader portion of a  hopeful two car full season Honda powerplant entity. Sorta like ‘Geo Phillips Tennessee Titans – who’ve gone West Coast with the Top-10 drafting of University of Washington Huskies Quarterback Jake Locker, and now having added Seattle Seahawks ProBowl QB Matt Hasselback as Locker’s mentor...

And its funny how I’ve been captivated by Schmidt’s return to the Big Leagues – especially since I know virtually nothing ‘bout him other then his SSM outfit kicking Tail in the Indy Lights ranks the past several years... Although I find it funny how it’s apparently being not mentioned/overlooked how it was Sam’s FIL cars that sparked the O2 Racing Technology team’s initial outcry/protest over FIL league officiating at the David Hobbs 100 at Milwaukee.

Team exits Indy Lights over 'integrity'

Yet, since I wasn’t there and DON’T know if there was really anything wrong with the Schmidt cars – whilst it seems very little light has been shed upon the issue publicly besides O2 Team Owner Mark Olson getting hammered massively, we’ll just really never know, right?

Thus, back to the ‘BigBoyz ranks instead, where it seems Schmidt is doing a great job in his return to IndyCar with Tagliani having scored two Pole positions for the ICS Minnow, with unquestionably the biggest moment coming with TAG holding off the TCGR ‘FillerUp with Premium, ‘Cheep? Duo of Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon...

And I hate to suggest this; BUTT! Is Alex Tagliani pushing so damn hard the past two races with his Banzai Playin’ Thru Bowling Ball derbish maneuvers Up North Eh! Because he’s in his home country or perhaps feeling the heat to keep his seat at SSM?

As much of the Scuttlebutt seems to centre around the upcoming Mid Ohio ICS test where “Symone Pagenoe” (Simon Pageunaud) will test for SSM in Alex’s No. 77 racecar alongside ‘Plowie, nee Martin Plowman - who’ll be  making his ‘BigCarz debut at the forthcoming Lexington, Ohio “Twisty” track in a three race outing for SSM/AFS. As Plowman will contest Mid Ohio, Sonoma and Baltimore in the Gary Peterson backed AFS No. 17 in a tune-up for next year.

Meanwhile, Schmidt will also be running past Indy Lights Champion Wade Cunningham, who made his Indy Car debut in the Texas Twin 275k’s aboard the SSM No. 99 and will contest the Kentucky and ‘Los Wages (Las Vegas) Oval races...

And most impressively, Sam Schmidt had a  total of nine cars at the Speedway this May – with his four Indy Lights cars and three ICS squads involvement with car numbers 77, 88, 99, 8 and 98 of SSM, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, Dragon Racing & Bryan Herta Autosport respectively; as Townsend Bell; #99, Jay Howard; #88 seemingly got overlooked, whilst Chinese rookie Ho-Pin Tung; #8 looked promising right up until his qualifying day crash... While the winning BHA entry of Dannyboy ‘SPIKE Wheldon’s #98 was actually leased from Schmidt. As this Dallara “Series-I” 2003-spec chassis was originally a Marty Roth Racing (MRR) car that was part of the four chassis armada picked up in the FAZZT Race Team’s acquisition of MRR. Of which I’ve previously joked about these racecar’s having very low mileage upon them; Hya!

And I’ll admit I’m a HUGE ‘Symone Pagenoe fan, as I really cannot see how he won’t “Pass-the-Audition” at Mid Ohio, and it certainly seems to be a NO brainer on hiring the talented Frenchman, but that’s just my Oh-pine-yun, eh? As after all I’m just a meesly ‘lil ‘Ol cut ‘N paste ‘Vurd Botcherer – so what do I know, eh? As I’d hate to be in Sam’s shoes, as he’s got a minimum of five-plus driver’s clammerin’ for a potential two Indy Car seats next year... And as Sam sez; that doesn’t even include the veritable raft of free agents that’ll be available for 2012; Hmm? Perhaps SSM and AFS should ‘Hook-up next year and run a three car team instead? Of course it’s probably partially dependant upon the allocation of 2.2-liter V-6 turbo ‘lumps available next year... So good luck Sam Schmidt & Co. Not to mention Jay and The Dragonflies...

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