Monday, July 4, 2011

Rockets Red Glare...

Can it already be time to celebrate – F%%K, I HATE ALL ‘DAT NOISE!!! Thee 4th of July once again? Thus, your Humble Scribe will be tryin’ vainly to poond away on zeez keyboards in order to create some more riveting stories “Just-in-Time” – alas, if I can hears “Lucy” (my ‘Steamed Screen-reader) over the din of copious amounts “O gunpowder bein’ discharged; AYE KARUMBA! Whilst alls Yuhs celebrates Somme-thun affectionately known here Stateside as the Fourth; hence another story doin’ the Time Warp, nee percolatin’ in the NFWHV (NoFenderz WormHole Vortex) revolves around theee Centre of ‘Ye Universe in sleepy ‘lil Fremont, Washington – where said Rocket landmark denotes this centrepoint. For which I was recently exposed to upon a forthcoming story ‘bout the town’s ArtCarz Bazaar (Blowout) – NOT to be Cornfuzed with Carz2, which sadly isn’t playing yet at the local movie theatre...

Happy 4th Oh-July Y’all!

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