Monday, July 25, 2011

OZ Triple Stuff!

So too bad for Mark ‘Handlebarz Webber, who was the only ‘Aussie NOT standing upon the top step of the podium this weekend... As I was waiting for the German Grand Prix to start I tuned into Versus Just-in-Time to discover that Cattle Evans had thrown down a blinder in the final stages individual time trial sprint format by erasing a 57-second deficit to pummel the Schleck Bros – and becoming Australia’s first ever Tour de France victor by a margin of 1:34 over the younger Andy in P2 with Frank the elder in P3; the first time a pair of brothers have finished on the podium.

Thus, how cool it woulda been for Webber, who was on pole (again) to capture his second German GP victory, eh? But it wasn’t to be, as Mark would haveda settle for third, as Webber seems unable to close the dealio...

Then there was the “Toowoomba Toranadoe,” aka Will Power, or as Mr. Innucci likened him – DJ Willy P, who was nipped for pole position by KVRT’s Takuma Sato, breaking Willy’s streak of eight consecutive poles on “Twisties.” (road/street courses) And wasn’t it ironic? With ‘HULIO chasin’ Power to the stripe, as Wally Dallenbach Jr. sez; He’ll need a hole the size of a Penske rental truck before trying to pass Power for the lead... As Castroneves had already broken the Golden rule ‘O motor racing by taking his teammate out of the lead earlier this year at Long Beach... Thus it was Power doin’ another victory doughnut upon his fourth win of the season and 13th overall – ahead of Helio and Dashley LePew on the podiums final step.

Then instead of going outside on a gloriously beautiful, sunny and warm day here; hey, 80deg-f is HOT for Seattle... I watched the ‘Scooters from Laguna Seca, where ‘Aussie Casey Stoner ran down George Lorenzo to win the first of two US Moto GP’s this year, with Ben ‘ELBOZ Spies being the top ‘Yank with a last lap pass to finish in fourth place.

And Crikeys Mates! Even the Men’s ‘OZ swim team got in on the action – as it was Australia on top in the 4x100 Freestyle relay in Shanghai, with France second and USA with some dude named Michael Phelps taking the bronze in the World Championships... If only Webber coulda won – it would have been Australia going 4-for-4; Aye Karumba! Oh Whale, still a pretty good weekend for Australia, eh? Whilst New Zealand’s Scott Dixon was fuming over somebody named EJ “What, Me Worry?” Viso – claiming perhaps the Venezuelan was busy looking at somebody in the stands (Charo? Milkalicious? Oh Never Mind!) when he dive bombed into Dixon’s flank and gave the Kiwi a very hot bum! (From the broken radiators fluid leaking onto his seat...)