Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheep’s “Right-hand Man” Mike Hull throws out some Nuggets upon Autosport Radio

I do not know Mike Hull, nor have I ever met him – having heard him speak only once before upon Autosport Radio... Yet I found him to be a very clever thinking man – who wasn’t afraid to be fairly candid upon his thoughts regarding TCGR’s current driver stable, his boss, future chassis and the state ‘O Indy Car – along with even getting in a Zinger ‘bout Ye Mayor ‘O Hinchtown (James Hinchcliffe) and his throng of Bleeding Hearts Up North Eh! (In Toronto...)

It was nice to hear him being so complimentary of Tom Anderson – who after all was the Team Manager when the Cheepster ran the table for four straight years in CART with Jimmy Vasser, Alex Zanardi and Juan Pablo Montoya. As I still think Anderson was made a very bad Scapegoat for Mikey’s woes at Indy this year – as Yuhs mean Tom singlehandedly miss-engineered four Dallara racecars? What ‘bout the Engineers below him? Oh Never Mind!

And perhaps I’m late once again to the Par-tee? As I found it somewhat revealing to hear Mike say he only knows about the Honda ‘lump (engine) since that’s who Chip Ganassi is going with in the 2012 Engine Manufacturer Sweepstakes – so dares Yuhs have it. The Captain, aka Roger Penske will be the lead Bowtie Destroyer, whilst ‘Tennille, Err ‘Cheep (Ganassi) will be Honda’s lead Destroyer as the two continue going Mano e Mano vs. themselves plus the competition.

And it would seem blatantly obvious that KV Racing Lotus will be the lead Frigate for the Lotus by Judd Armada... And I AIN’T talkin’ Thee Judd’s like as in Ashely; Hya! Whilst I’d assume Mikey Andretti will resume his past linkage with Honda – whilst I’d simply be ArseClown guessing on the resta duh field, eh? Although I’d not be surprised to see Keith Wiggins go with Lotus perhaps?

As for Hull’s thoughts upon the 2012 Body-by-Mennen AFX Aerokit Carz, I found his comments most forthright – basically willing Randy “the CandyMann” Bernard to flex his muskels by being strong willed and making it happen ASAP!

Mike claimed regardless of what anybody says/tells you – read my lips! IT’S A Half-million to put a single car on the grid, as in $500G’s – as in 500 LARGE ‘Juans, i.e.; Smackeroos ...

And he was most clever by saying a smart Team Owner would incorporate the cost of the Emperor’s Clothes, Err Body kits into his engine lease contract, claiming that all three engine manufacturers can choose to charge anybody between a minimum of $1.00 and a maximum of $75,000 – per the league’s directive. Although there wasn’t any alluding to if you could run a Dallara Body kit on any engine package?

On the new Dallara Safety-cell chassis that DannyBoy ‘SPIKE Wheldon & BHA will begin testing sometime in August, he believes each engine manufacturer will be given one new chassis apiece to go testing with on September 1st, also the date set for Aero-boundaries to be announced. Then each team will get a chassis by December 15th and then they’ll all hold their collective breaths waiting to learn what the exact testing rules will be for 2012. ShuhZam!

Hull also boldly proclaimed if any manufacturer cannot provide a body kit in time for the 2012 Indy 500 then they simply should NOT be allowed to participate as Aerokit makers...

And although his point was valid – and I know I’m nitpicking; BUTT! Perhaps Hull will wish to chat with a bloke named Nick Wirth over the comment Mike made ‘bout Formula 1 designs its complete chassis by CFD. (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Whale Mike, that’s NOT exactly correct – as the only F1 team that was doing so, named Virgin – effectively FIRED Messer Wirth and has retreated to the other 11-teams usage of Wind Tunnels, namely McLaren’s Wind Tunnel for the foreseeable future...

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