Tuesday, July 12, 2011


DON’T know ‘bout Y’all – BUTT! FUCKING EH RAY! What an absolute pyle ‘O rubbish... As really? Dario Franchitti didn’t CRASH into Will Power and get away with another ‘CHEEP-SHOT! As it wasn’t avoidable contact on Dario’s part – WTF? Go ahead IndyCar, might as well just hand over that NAKED man on a trophy thingy... As I was so DISGUSTED by the APATHY of Brian I.J.H.(Whale NOT Sunday ‘DAWG...) Braveheart, that I quickly renamed him BillyBob Brazenheartz... (Brian Barnhart) Alas, it was handled sooooooooooo POORLY that I wasn’t even MAD over the BASTARDIZED Mid-race call. Oh wait a ‘My-nute Boyz, there CAN’T be any controversy ‘til we reach Edmonton, right? As I’m guessin’ that’s when the black flag can truly be unfurled, eh?

As I’ve just got ‘Juan HUGE Problema with that HOLE black flag NO black flag Mesopotamia, i.e.; Drive-thru penalty for Car No. 10... If the Versus Boyz in the booth truly got it wrong, then please have the Kuhoona’s to say so. Otherwise I’m totally 100% in agreement with Professor B, aka Jon Beekhuis. You CANNOT issue a penalty and then rescind it – as it gives absolutely NO credibility to your race Officiating IndyCar! What’s next? Phantom yellow flags? Oh Never Mind!

As ironically, Dario claimed he’d done exactly what DannyBoy ‘SPIKE Wheldon described at the time of the incident, i.e.; went for a pass that wasn’t there – backing off too LATE after realizing he wasn’t gonna pull off the maneuver upon Power... Who once again got indirectly SCREWED by ‘HULIO! (Initially...) When the Dancin’ Fool had some BrainFade, Err left footed brake issues and missed his mark again...

And duh HITS just keep on coming, as I was so GUTTED by IndyCar letting ‘Cheep get away with his theatrics – first sheddin’ Crocodile Tears during his initial interview by sayin’ Power gets away with everythingy... And then later on doin’ his bestest Sergeant Schulz impersonation after his driver won the race. NO! I DON’T KNOW NOTHIN! ‘Bout any sorta black flag penalty thingy - this is the first I’ve heard of it – wah wha wah...

And the Oscar for Best Actor by an ICS Team Owner goes to 'CHEEP (Ganassi - F%%K! What an unreasonably large turd that was ‘Chee...)

As  perhaps Dashley had better take  Will a Payday bar or 4 from the Tarr-Jhey candy department, since after Billy Bob Brazenheartz & Co decided to let Dario simply play thru that Spin ‘em Out Boyz episode, I’m seriously considering NOT watchin’ another Indy Car race for the resta duh season! (As can anybody tell me the last time a Target Car got a penalty? Or has it simply become the Target Hour Show, eh?)

As I’m still NOT sure if I was watchin’ a PickEmUp Trucks race, RASSCAR Saturday Night Short Oval SMASHEMUP-fest or an Indy Car race? As I’ve already denoted it as the Toronto Firecracker 400 to ‘Juan particular ‘Wag; CRIKEYS!

Although I think that’s the first time EVER I’ve actually broke into laughter during a Dan-Dan-Dan-Danica interview: “They told me to get outta the car; Somebody TOOK my (NOSE) Wing! I DON’T understand...” (I’m Cornfuzed) That’s FUNNY SHIT Menard! Here Danica, have a Payday candy bar – they’re Majikly Delicious; Hya!

And DON’T even get me started ‘bout ‘lil Al’s CONTORTED, confusing and crazy attempts at doing Damage Control for BillyBob’s Officiatin’ Crew immediately after the race; Now Yuhs sees Bob, if TK had just given Briscoe a little more room... SHEISA!