Monday, July 18, 2011

Remembering Jeff Krosnoff – Part 2

(Jeff Krosnoff image; The Krosnoff Foundation - Source:
Just finished reading Marshall Pruett’s excelante second part of his Jeff Krosnoff retrospective trilogy last night, where Pruett covers the “missing” Japanese years – which I can personally attest to the original ‘TK’s Quip ‘bout thee Pre-internetz era... That’s TK as in a one Tommy Kendall, Krosnoff’s friend who muses ‘bout when the only news you could get of far-away Foreign  “feeder” series was thru a magazine called On Track, which your humble scribe subscribed to for years – and remember fondly awaiting each new issues release every two weeks!

Thus Pruett expounds partially upon Krosnoff’s sacrifices in far-away Japan along with some very positive recollections from other cast-away competitors with names like “IRV-THE-SWERVE” and “Mr. LeMans,” aka Eddie Irvine and Tom Kristensen respectively, not to mention another driver who’d lose his life racing named “Roland-the-Rat.” (Ratzenberger)