Monday, July 11, 2011

FIA blowing Hot Air?

Since I won’t be viewing the British GP ‘til tomorrow morning’s SPEED replay – having been ‘oot ‘N aboot this weekend, hence I don’t know the end result of an utterly PATHETIC mucking about by the FIA over continuously changing Formula 1 rules in-season...

As first ALL F1 Constructors were to be BANNED from continuing their clever slighting of FIA’s Parc Ferme conditions with their ‘Uber Trick off throttle run over blown diffusers – creating extra downforce in off throttle conditions. Then on Friday’s British GP practice it was divulged that the teams would be allowed to utilize 10% off throttle, before the FIA quietly gave first Renault and then next Mercedes individual dispensations of 50% off throttle applications, without revealing this to the other engine manufacturers, i.e.; Ferrari and Cosworth. Confused yet?

Then next Mercedes was allowed to keep their 50% “HOT” fuel burning blown dispensation but la Reggie, nee Renault was forced to revert back to a 10% “COLD” cool-air blown condition instead; WTF? As it’s all clear as MUD on a rainy day! (Which kinda matches the typical fine summer weather they’ve been having at Silverstone this past weekend, eh?) Oh Never Mind – as this is all way over my head!

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