Friday, July 8, 2011

Virgin Tied Up with Cars 2 this weekend...

In case Y’all haven’t heard, the Virgin Formula 1 Team will be running with Cars 2 signage aboard those ultra fast VRM-02 chassis in order to promote the Blockbuster sequel’s UK release during the British GP weekend. As although I cannot see it – reportedly they’ll be featuring some sorta Lightning McQueen logo upon their Sidepods, etc.

This movie promo for some reason made me 'Flash back to when Jaguar F1 did a similar deal with Terminator III by running T3 logos upon the Airbox, whilst I even think the Gubbonator, Err AWNIE... (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was seen schlepping ‘round the Silverstone paddock.

And I also seem to recall George Lucas and a bevy ‘O Storm Troopers invading the Principality (Monaco) for an epic Star Wars 19 – the first-first sequel; Hya!

And don’t forget ‘bout that ridiculous STUNT where apparently somebody scraped away several thousands of Diamonds upon an overly ‘Blingy front Nosecone for an Oceans 22 relase; Hmm? I believe that was a Jaguar publicity stunt too?

Meanwhile, Bob Varsha mused how some cynical ‘Wag noted how it was ironic that Lightning McQueen was on the Virgin’s flanks. Since unlike the Virgin’s, Lightning has actually WON a race; YOUCH! But hey, same could be said for the Jaguar F1 concern – which I don’t think the Marussia Virgin concern, is even close to, eh? As after all, Jaguar was owned by ‘FoMoCo, aka the mighty Ford Motor Company...

Give ‘em HELL Timo & Jerome!