Monday, July 18, 2011

Mosley rolling in Ecstasy over Murdoc’s demise...

So perhaps its just Mwah; BUTT! Hmm? Wasn’t that what got Sir maXXum into trouble? Thank you Fraulein – may I have another? Oh Never Mind!

As isn’t it an interesting coincidence that the News Of the World, the very tabloid  that exposed Max Mosley’s secrets way back when is suddenly imploding after its intensions to purchase Formula 1 were announced... Just a thought, as personally I’m enjoying seeing Rupert Murdoc’s immanent demise, albeit I’m not sure how it’ll affect SPEED’s continued coverage of F1? Whilst its somewhat entertaining to see two 80yr old Codgers, i.e.; Murdoc and Uncle Bernaughty (Ecclestone) Scrum over Formula 1...

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