Monday, April 13, 2009

UOWWBA Weekly Question

"With the lack of cars, how many cars do you expect at Indy this year?"

Whale, this week my answer’s gonna be pretty week... Especially since I think I’ve become a preferred stock member of the Nyquil “Put you in a coma” Nighttime cough medicine... Yep, I’m still recovering from a nasty case ‘O croop-itus, and thus, as Matt “Sham-Wow!” Chamois of the Other Side has already done the heavy lifting with his recapping of the potential IMS entry list...


And the fact that my math may be slightly obscured from the bottles ‘O Nyquil... As I’m having trouble getting to the hoped for 40 cars I’m gonna skip trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak... Although I thing Brian “I.H.J.” Braveheart’s comments of 35-36 cars sounds like another TEMPID “BOOMP DAY” to me... And the only driver who’s name seems to be outta the limelight is Davey “I Believe” Hamilton’s HP sponsored ride, as we’ve already heard all of the hoopla over the King, John Andretti and Scotty “Patron” Sharp... Although I’m left ponderin’ who in the heck could be Sarah Fisher’s teammate, eh? As I’m pondering’ whether or not perhaps this is just a back-up mule?

And according to Open Wheel curmudgeon Robin Miller on Dave Despain’s Wind Tunnel last night... Miller teased us all by saying that both Davey Hamilton and Paul “The Dream” Tracy should both be making splashes this weekend at Long Beach...