Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LeMay Automobile Museum update

As Y’all know, the Global Economy AIN’T exactly in the best ‘O shape at the moment... As the Global Credit crunch continues to tighten its grip around the world’s financial markets, etc.

Thus, as always, in dire times many “Sundry” items such as entertainment, are slashed from everyone’s budgets, as just look at the new Yankee’s “Bazillion’s” Stadium’s premiere seats being vacant, not to mention the much over-lamented downturn of RASSCAR attendance as well as The Arts being dramatically effected on a daily basis.

And thus, with the demise of the Seattle Post Intelligencer, which has become a former shell of itself in its pathetic Online version, I’ve regrettably switched over to The Seattle Times, albeit I prefer the Post Intelligencer’s reporting, but I digress.

Thus I found it somewhat alarming, although not surprising that the LeMay Automobile Museum is currently struggling for financing of its most excellent Museum to be built in Tacoma, WA as the director of the Museum has noted that Donations have simply dried up...

LeMay Automobile Museum $7m Short

Recall, that “Lonestar JR” has been added to the LeMay’s Board of Directors and this project, not to mention the collection of Automobilia is simply too great to let slip by and thus I’d expect as the Mayor of Tacoma seems confident of, funding will indeed go forward for the project, of which I hole heartily agree with and hope this magnificent project reaches its full potential, as its truly an amazing collection and Pacific Northwest treasure!

LeMay Museum