Monday, April 6, 2009

Groundhog Day?

Whale... Due to unforeseen circumstances... Which Y’all are probably thinkin’ (Think Pink?) Man that Dude sure has a lotta excuses... As I’m not sure what’s more amazing... Having waited all winter long and then being unexpectedly occupied on the very first two Open Wheel Racing race weekends or the outcome of the very first two Formula 1 races of the season, eh? And thus after an all day excursion to the Doctor’s office... I missed the very first ever Versus Indy Car TV broadcast and didn’t manage to finish watching my tape of Kuala Lumpur’s Malaysian Grand Prix until 11PM last night as the tape cut out while the National Anthem’s were being played! So, NO race winners interviews...

Having awoken an hour early Saturday... As the live Indy Car Qualifying was slated for 7:45AM Pacific; “Left Coast time,: all I could do was laugh momentarily as a “Hoosieronian” voice cooed over the internets: This is the IMS Radio Network, live Indy Car Qualifying has been delayed slightly due to the Firestone Indy Light Quals running late... Please stand by on the Streams and we’ll begin as soon as possible... As I briefly thought? Oh NO! Jeffrey and Will musta angered ‘Old Mother Cupboard and made it rain?

So anyways, your humble scribe is definitely under the weather... Which is ironic since we’re having the first taste ‘O Summer here in the Pacific Northwest... Albeit still some 20-25 degrees less than Kuala Lumpur... (Hey! Can you say Monsoon?) As we’re definitely in uncharted territory here... ACK! Can the thermometer really be above 60 degrees?

Thus, I’ll be taking it easy for a few days as I await the effects of the Doctor prescribed tranquilizers dissipating and furiously ham-er (it-up?) away at ze keebored... As hopefully my knucel’s don’t gets toe much in DUH way... Now its off to LaLa land and then back to le ‘Ol School tappin machine as I managed to set my Shiny New Boxes commands “Just-in-Time” to record last nights, Err this mornings Speed Report and Wind Tunnel... As it only hurts when I laugh, eh?

Thankem Goodness ‘dat meez ‘lil clock radio doesn’t Pickem-up that Sonny ‘N Cher station...”I’ve got you Babe!”

And I did hear via Dave Despain’s “Last Call?” Last night, that there’ll be an interesting new article today in the Miami Herald over some new Hulio developments which could throw a monkey wrench in his defense?

And I sure wished that Justin Wilson could have given Dale Coyne his much deserved and long overdue inaugural Indy Car victory yesterday instead of one of duh “Big Three” snatching the checkers.... YAWN!

GItter Done!