Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cry me a river

Whale, without going into Too Much Info, (TMI) as I’m still lounging about in my sickbed trying to cough up the remains of my lungs... Having found it most entertaining that upon bumping into the St Pete replay on Versus on Tuesday night? That the soothing sounds ‘O bob Jenkins voice immediately put me to sleep... Although I must confess the same thing happened while watching the Formula 1 Qualifying session via Memorex... And there’s absolutely NOTHIN’ better then spending the entire day in bed while the FRILLIN’ Gardening crew spends the whole day blasting away with multiple leaf blowers, chainsaws and lawn mowers as grass shards hit the windows outside... While junior is busy playing bouncy ball upstairs today, eh? WHAAA!!!

Thus, I really haven’t spent any serious amount ‘O time at le confUZer and the Boob-tube seems to be doing its job as the talking heads manage to promptly put me under... Yet I’ll throw in my two cents over the TV ratings demise of the weekend...

As I had the following conversation with my soon to be 90yrs old Aunty Harriet, who’s enlisted me to be her television guide for upcoming racing events... “When are the Big Boyzs gonna be on?” Having given her the dope on Sunday’s trifecta... And I thank you Sir for telling me the race info... Which is at noon tomorrow? Nope it’s at 11AM... On that channel; which is what number? 12? Whale you're close... Oh what # is it? 33... As ironically there were three races being aired at the same time Sunday: RASSCAR on FOX, Formula 1 on SPEED and Indy Car on Versus all at 11AM Pacific...

And you really DON’T wanna get me started on comca$t... Which I’ve rightfully ripped it a new ARSEHOLE as I’ve been forced to go back into the dark ages due to their bait ‘N switch practices over the DIG-it-TULL switchover which required my getting a shiny new box after they’ve advertised for over 6mos that I’d need to due Nothing for the upcoming changeover... So I can understand how others would be less then willing to pay MORE for Comcast’s KRAPY upgrades as they’ve managed to become the micro-SOFT of television land... Oh-My-Gawd... Do you think my cable service will go out now?

Du-duin’ the comca$t shuffle

Yet, as I sat down at 10AM Saturday morning to watch the F1 Qualifying action I'd taped from the night before... And once again the muted wail of those F1 cars put me fast asleep... Waking up around noon just in time to see that JENSE had snatched his 2nd consecutive pole this season... But I found it so funny to see Nico Rosberg being interviewed on TV, since he had to sit next to Aunty Harriet from Indy to Chicago a few years ago after having raced at the Speedway... As Harriet asked him; who are you kid? You've got kinda a funny accent...

Hey, I know! I’ll go watch people spend too much money on clapped out Muscle Cars from somewhere in Florida on the SPEED Channel, eh?

Whale, isn’t that special? I just got a call from Susie... Comcast’s automated voice messenger informing me that if I didn’t have a shiny new DIG-it-TULL Box attached to all of my home’s Telescreens by April 14th, then I’d be losing my digital channels numbers 30-74 + others and my bill would be revised to show the lost channels in the future... I tell yuhs? Doesn’t the shiny new box in my living room tell ‘dem what’s goin’ on here’s or WTF? Are they just trying to make me’s goes KRAZY? Ha-Ha-Ha-Haa-Haa-Haa-Haaaaaaa.......

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