Friday, April 3, 2009

The King sans Fenders?

Although I originally read about Richard Petty’s potentially entering a ride for Gentleman John Andretti in this years upcoming Indy 500 over at My Name is IRL... The news seemed too good to pass up after Marc of Full Throttle sent me an email informing me that The King was going Fenderless? (Hence the inspiration for the title above...) Although I swear I heard ‘Ol Gentleman John on the Speed Freaks after Day-toner claimin’ he’d enticed the owners of his Sun Shader Window Film sponsor to give Indy a try this year... So, perhaps it was a No Brainer if Andretti already had the sponsor in hand... And that’s a nice little pick-me-up for the D & R chaps after having been previously spurned by Milka, eh? So Gollee.... I’ll have-duh keep a sharp eye out for King Richard this May while inline for some of ‘dem world class Tenderloin sandwiches, eh?

Petty makes owner leap into Indy 500
So, now who will Milkalicious be driving for at Indy? Hmm? Perhaps Three Guys and a Milka at Dreyer & Reinbold Racing. (Conway, Danger Mouse and Gentleman John) Nah! Oh Mr. Buhl there’s a Roger Yasukawa on line three for yuhs. Not now! I'm busy doin' a TV show...

Thanxs Marc