Monday, April 20, 2009

Vettel makes good again

Whale, I don’t know about Y’all, but I found this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix to be a most enjoyable outing, especially since Sebastian Vettel once again put on a masterful driving clinique in the wet stuff at Shanghai... As that ‘Ol Eagles song “There’s a new Kid in Town” comes to mind... But don’t call the youngest ever Formula 1 winner and German Wunderkind “Baby Schuey...” As he AIN’T NO Schuey, eh? So good on you ZEBB to speak your mind!

And I find the SPEED TV Statistician’s to be simply amazing with the facts they come up with so many “Johnny on the Spot.” As it was mentioned over the weekend that it was the first Renault 1-2-3 in qualifying since 1996 and then they proceeded to name the three drivers; Villeneuve, Hill and alesi... Along with mentioning the fact that the young Messer Vettel’s taking maiden victories for two teams was the first such time since some “Wee Scot,” Err Cat named Sir Jackie Stewart had done this feat way back in 1968 and 1970 for which I thought I heard March and Tyrrell?

(As do NOT quote me on these trivia answers since I wasn’t taking notes this weekend as I’m still unbelievably “Under the Weather.” SHEISA!!!)
And although I enjoyed listening to and watching my first Versus Indy Car television broadcast, I have to confess that I simply find the SPEED TV Formula 1 crew to be more enjoyable... As there’s just something to the witticism of “The House ‘O Winsor,” a.k.a. Peter Winsor; who wryly noted that Lord Jenson Button was complaining about being caught in traffic during qualifying this weekend when last year he was the traffic! As JENSE’ was seemingly quite good natured in the post race press conference and retains the Championship points lead...

And isn’t it simply amazing to see how far the mighty Scuderia have fallen this season? As once again Ferrari was blanked from breaking an unbelievable “Duck” in regards to current points tally this season, as its Scuderia Ferrari’s worst season start since 1981!

Team Principle says Ferrari down, but not out

And thus we’re off to Bahrain, where the sand blown oasis offers up what Hobbo affectionately calls “Desert Klag!” As it’ll be the fourth consecutive “Fly-away” event of the season before the teams return home to kick off what’s affectionately known as the “European” season when the ten Constructors will drive their Tractor Trailers to Barcelona for the Spanish Gran Prix, where many hope to come on song a la the shiekish “Double Decker” Diffuser’s and hopefully give Brawn GP and Toyota a run for the considerable dinero they’ve shilled out to play “Catsup...”

Crikey’s Mates! Can you imagine just how good young ZEBB will be when Adrian Newey puts the finishing touches upon the RB5?

Now I’m off to watch a ‘lil Memorex to see what ‘Ol Open Wheel Racing Curmudgeon Robin Miller has to say after having rubbed elbows with Mr. Jeffrey LBGP of My Name is IRL...
UPDATE:Whale although I managed to SCREW-UP the liddle ‘Ol VCR recording times... I do feel a little better knowing that the Chinese blunder of National Anthems during Sunday’s podium celebrations has now been duly noted... As I sat there thinking how odd it was that they were playing Gawd Save the Queen, i.e.; BLOODY ‘Ol Britain’s song instead of the Austrian National Anthem...


China plays WRONG National Anthem
Perhaps they were afraid of ‘ZEBB pulling’ a Michael Schumacher? As we DON’T want NO Stinkin’ German dancing ‘N singing during the National Anthem, eh?