Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 INDY 500 Entry List revealed

Otay race fans; Y’all may have already read this somewhere else on the Blogosphere, eh? But without further ado, IMS has unveiled the 2009 INDY 500 Entry List with a grand total of 40 entries divided up between 28 Drivers for the moment...

And much of the fanfare has already been dolloped out upon us this past weekend in Long Beach, CA and I don’t think there are really any surprises upon the Entry List, with the exception that Marty “TURTLE” Roth has two entries listed, although many including James of 16th and Georgetown have gone to great pains to note that the Speedy Martin isn’t listed as a Driver for either of these... Hmm? Let’s see, John Andretti and Davey Hamilton have already been snapped up by Dreyer & Reinbold Racing, so perhaps will Jay Howard be making an Indianapolis debut?

Also, there are four previous winners along with four Rookie Drivers at the moment... And while Scotty Sharp may take up the Refresher driving allotment, ‘Ol PT was quick to quip during his press conference that he doesn’t think the Speedway allows former winners to do so...

2009 IMS Entry List

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