Friday, April 17, 2009


Whale the word “bloomers” came to mind when cleverly tryin’ to think up a title for this rant... As apparently I’m getting most twisted up over the fact that FRILLIN’ doesn’t wish to do any sort of promoting for any of it’s would be adversaries... As I’ve been trying to load a Seattle Sounders button picture for two days now... Which would have been followed by a tiny Versus logo... You know that Comcast owned station that’ll be broadcasting its second Indy Car race this weekend... And like Jeffrey, who’s at the moment in transit to Long Beach, CA; snicker-snicker... I’ve told two friends to please tune-in and watch the Indy Car festivities this Sunday at 12:30PM Pacific... And also set ‘dem recordin’ devices to Versus on Monday at 1PM Pacific for the Firestone Indy Lights replay.

And I’m guessing that Jeffrey’s somewhere on I-10 at the moment, with his various Tony “Follow your Snoz” Kanaan Oh what a feeling beverages ‘N sundries, while I’ve told him to keep an ear peeled to the radio for Cheech’s advertising plugs for the nearby Casino in East L.A.

Now back to the Shanghai Formula 1 action which I managed to record last evening... And somehow I doubt it but my Chinese beer ‘O flavour this weekend will be a Fosters instead as they finally had some on the Grocery store’s shelves today... Hmm? Wonder what beverage ‘O choice the Ronster is partaking in this weekend, eh? Perhaps a little Johnny Walker Black with Mika Hakkinen...