Friday, April 17, 2009

Bloomers; Take 2

Whale apparently all HE-LL broke loose while your Humble Scribe was busy trying to load the Seattle Sounders button picture and then watching the tape of the Chinese GP practice session...

As Y’all will be shocked to learn that once again our hero JENSE’ stuck his (Brawn) “Bee-Gee 01” racecar on provisional pole, with young German Whippersnapper Nico Rosberg being the meat in a Brawnie sandwich, as he was P2 while elder Formula 1 statesman Rubinoe was third quick, with the next two spots going to the Red Bull mono difusser chassis, with Mark “Barbie” Webber besting young Zebb.

Of course the entertaining portion of yesterday’s practice was the fact that Ferrari and McLaren held spots 9-12-13-14, with “KOVY” (Kovalainen) leading the pack ahead of Massa, Hamilton and Raikkonen respectively... With BMW Sauber toiling in P17-18 and Fredrico Suave (F. Alonso) who’d ripped Bridgestone a new orifice over bringing the “super-soft’s” to Shanghai languishing in 19th.

And Ferrari having seen The Iceman suffer three KERS failures in Malaysia decided to dump the system for the Chinese weekend, while I’m not exactly pleased to hear all of the scuttlebutt suggesting that Hamilton Senior somehow helped instigate the Ronster’s demise from McLaren F1, as this seems a nasty way to reward the man who brought your son a World Championship after having inked him to a contract at the tender age of 13, eh?

Yet, I suppose the Rally-Rally-Rally Big News occurred upon the Indy Car side of the Pacific... As I’m guessing Y’all have heard that Hulio has been declared innocent... (Uhm? I’m thinkin’ he’s pulled another fast one here and certainly will be glad he can keep all of those snazzy uniforms, eh?) While Meesh & the Sham-Wow! Amongst others (myself included) will be celebrating Paul Tracy’s arrival... With the announcement that he’ll be driving the No. 15 KVRT entry at Indianapolis this May. While Davey “I Believe” Hamilton has been inked to drive Dreyer & Reinbold’s third Dallara/Honda at the Speedway this May... Now all we need is for the 93rd INDY 500 Entry list to be unveiled, eh?

Oh yeah, according to Will of Is it May yet? Will Power will be in the No. 12 Verizon “Can you hear me now?” Penske at the Speedway, as I’d assume that means that Sam Hornish Jr. will be at Charlotte drinkin’ Coke’s, while there’s NO word on whether or not Milkalicious will be able to find a spare Dallara for some hot laps at Indy this May?


  1. Am I the only one getting a little tired of the Hamilton happy family show. And then the Vettel boy takes the red bull to the show.
    Much better

  2. NO! You're definately NOT the only "Juan" tired of the Hamilton LUV-Fest as I've gone out on a limb saying I hope he get's docked a few races for LYING!

    And "ZEBB," a.k.a. Sebastian Vettel is a breath of fresh air as its even more impressive that he had more fuel onboard then Fernando, who's the lightest car on track, while Webber appears to have one more lap worth then Vettel... Should be an interesting race, especially if it rains, eh?

    Oh yeah... And how 'bout Will Power, eh? As I think its poetic justice to see the two "Factory" Penske Boyzs "Corn-Hulio" and the Burnin' InfernoNOT making the Fast Six...

  3. I won't ruin your enjoyment of the race, but what a hoot!
    Apparently Louey H can count the number of friends left in the McLaren garage on the fingers of one hand. Lot's of them are very cross at the blame shifting that lost Ryan his job, the briefing the media that he is looking for a new team.
    I don't follow Nascar, so I don't know the background to Will Power.

  4. Thanxs for not saying anything... As it was indeed a trully amazing race...

    And you're making me LOL... As Will Power is an ex-Champ Car boy... Nuttin' to dooze with RASSCAR... Although I'd prefer that Justin Wilson wins today with Power second and EJ "What me worry?" Viso in P3... But hey! Whadda I know, eh?