Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Sarah Fisher Saga

I was gonna try writing something further about the continuing saga of Sarah Fisher’s struggle for funding, as previously written in; ALL WET? But the good doctors of said blunted knuckles (Humor) at Full Throttle and My Name is IRL have already done the heavy lifting instead…

According to Jeff, you can Help save the Flying Fish; Err help a THIRSTY Honda engine consume fast amounts ‘O Ethanol. Or as Mr. CHiP’s has pointed out; You can send a portion of your Stimulus check to the Save Sarah Fisher Fund;

David A. Noyes & Co.
Attn: Sarah Fisher Racing (SFR)
111 Monument Circle, Suite 300
Indianapolis IN 46204

And speaking of All Wet… That’s exactly what I am, having to trek to the Post Office whose once again raised the price of stamps, but hey! “The checks in the mail!”