Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fisher announces new sponsor

First of all, for everybody who’s donated to Operation Support Sarah… KUDOS! To Y’all, as SFR has divulged that approximately $30,000 has been given by admiring fans across the nation… As Sarah Fisher stated; “It gives me goose bumps,”

SFR announced on Thursday that Text 4 will be its new primary sponsor for this Sunday’s race and you can read more about Sarah’s trials as a owner/driver in the following NY Times article: “When Driver’s Sponsor Disappears, Her Resolve Doesn’t”


  1. Do you know if SFR is still accepting fan donations? Her website has been updated, and no longer has the press release with the info for where to send money.

    I've found the info using a Google search, but wouldn't mind knowing if the address is still valid before mailing off a cheque.


  2. Sorry I missed this... And NO, I don't know what the status is, but I'm sure she's still taking money gladly, eh?