Monday, May 12, 2008


Not to try and RAIN on Joey Chitwood’s parade of how Everything’s Better at the Speedway… With the redundant Attendance is UP rhetoric…

But is it just me who thinks we’re definitely in a recession, or have you noticed the apparent LACK of $ponsorship MISSING from the sidepods of several of this year’s aspiring IndyCars, as Graham Rahal, Sarah Fisher and John Andretti come to mind. Not to mention the Townsend Bell Olive Green machine…

Yet, out of this group, I really feel bad for Sarah Fisher who apparently may need a Collection Agency to get promised sponsors Gravity Entertainment and ResQ, to pony up the intended money they’ve promised her.

Don’t know if Sarah’s accepting donations, but her website address is:

Good Luck Sarah, hopefully we’ll see you tying Lyn St James record for most starts by a female at the Speedway this May!


  1. I'd say yes, we are in a recession and sponsors are thinning! I'm still vrooming!

  2. Oh NO doubt we're definately in a RECESSION! Which of course ALWAYS hurts the "Little Fish" the MOST...

    And yeah, I'm still gonna keep watchin' the races too, probably just have to cut back some on the traveling to them, eh?