Thursday, May 29, 2008

Danicker does Indy!

Reading Jeff’s scribblings of his from the seats viewpoint at the Brickyard, he mentioned some slightly intoxicated Yeah-hoo telling Sarah Fisher to get off the track… After first stalling her Honda lump and then by NO fault of hers T-Boning a pirouetting Tony Kanaan… As yes, indeedie… Sarah did break into tears during her shortened interview with Jamie Little…

Yet, I gained even more respect for TK, who told Fisher to cry her head off on his shoulder in the Ambulance, but please don’t cry out there for me… As Kanaan said she was apologizing to him as it WASN’T her fault and he was totally aware of her situation… So, thankfully they cut the interview short when she started crying… Which was totally warranted.

As for Princess Danicker, it was entertaining to hear Judy from Seattle, WA tell Dave Despain on wind Tunnel that evening; Danica has done a public INJUSTICE for ALL Women with her behavior on Pit lane… C’mon Dave, was she having PMS, Judy asked! As it was hilarious hearing Despain trying to back pedal and defend CRYBABY Danica’s actions by saying she had NO idea the cameras were focused upon her to which I screamed BULLSHIT!!! THEY’VE BEEN ON HER THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ MONTH, GOMER! (You mean Danica isn’t aware of the media’s frenzy over her?)

Yet, as for “Dust-ups” between (Male) drivers, let’s NOT forget one of Champ Car’s most infamous… Alex Tagliani vs. Paul “Chrome Horn” Tracy at San Jose, (2006) as TAG rightly dropped the F-BOMB ‘bout 17 times on live TV after PT had stupidly pulled out straight in front of him after having gone off on an escape road… Which I’m sure gave TAG flashbacks of Zanardi at the Lausitzring… This was then replicated at Denver the next race with PT taking out the Hamburgular, a.k.a. Sea Bass on the final corner of the final lap, which saw Bourdeau saunter across the tarmac and slap PT before walking away. This in turn led to Tracy’s crowd pleasing tactics in Montreal as the French Quebecer’s had been up in arms over Tracy’s comments about how they couldn’t fight without taking their helmets off… As Mr. Chrome Horn took advantage of the situation while donning a blue wrasslin’ mask and cape, but I digress…

As once again the Danica divide will undoubtedly grow even larger after her command performance at Indy this year… While Danny B. noted shouldn’t she be FINED for walking down Pit lane? As ironically wasn’t it Princess’s chassis which struck an out of place Charles Buckman… As for the Danicker mania fervor, you can read a different perspective in; Once again Fisher can’t catch a break.

And does anybody know where I can pic ‘em-up a Princess Danicker Bobble head?