Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chrome Horns

Well, Good Day from the Great White North… Actually it’s almost over now, as another Border crossing took almost the entire day to complete.

And its funny how there wasn’t any news about Mr. C.H. Not to be cornfuzed with Canadian Hosers… But instead that loveable Torontan… a.k.a. Paul “Chrome Horn” Tracy, as the Top Sports story from CBC News was that the Kuh-nuck’s defeated the Yanks 5-4 in the World Hockey Championships…

Thus, the only low down I’ve heard recently on any possibilities to see the Thrill from the West Hill is to have ‘Ol PT pony up $500k large in order to buy a ride with Derrick Walker’s beleaguered outfit, which apparently still has a slightly used “Whoosh Mobile” Dallara in its possession?

Hopefully Robin Miller will indeed win the lottery! NO, NOT so he’ll quit covering motorsports Jeff, but instead so he can pay for Tracy’s ride this Month ‘O May. Of course there’s always that vacant #77…

Now I’ve got to Take Off, Eh? Has anybody seen my Touk?