Sunday, May 4, 2008

Radio Czech

Although I’ve tossed it around previously with a fellow motorsports enthusiast, apparently we weren’t alone as Radovan Novak dropped his little bombshell during a recent interview on Radio Impuls being broadcasted over Czech Republic airwaves…

Messer Novak managed to hint that perhaps McLaren was responsible for the divulging of Sir Maxxum’s Helga be a good prisoner sex-capades…

After all, the Ronster and MAD Max have never been drinking buddies and Mosley was instrumental in seeing that Ron’s fabled racing team was lightened of $100m large from his wallet along with loosing all Constructor’s points and, Egad! Having to line-up at the very tail end of the grid in P11; as in BEHIND Force India. To which Dennis could be heard muttering all the way from the top of the Paragon motor palace; “You’ve got to be BLOODY JOKING!!!”

Of course, Mr. Novak has since gone into full denial mode over his recent comments, to which the Ronster issued the following statement;

"We have written to Mr. Novak and are currently considering the appropriate route via which the remarks that have been attributed to him may be withdrawn or corrected."
Dennis went on to deny Novak's suggestion in no uncertain terms.
"As I have consistently said whenever I have been asked about this, I categorically deny that I have anything to do with the News of the World investigation into Mr. Mosley," he said. "Neither does anyone connected with the McLaren Group or the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, and neither does any agent or any other party acting on behalf of myself or anyone connected with the McLaren Group or the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team."

It is worth noting that Mr. Novak is a longtime member of the FIA as well as a staunch supporter of Mr. Mosley, and currently holds the posts of General-Secretary of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic (ACCR) and President of the FIA's Central European Zone. (CEZ)

Thus it seems a tad odd that an FIA member is floating “Trial Balloon” statements upon public airwaves, unless he was inspired by his close ally Sir Maxxum? Novak has also claimed that the World Motor Sport Council held a straw poll towards whether or not Mr. Mosley should remain in office, claiming that there were six undecided, with nine each for and against Mosley with Sir Maxxum and Emperor Bernardo not being present…

But one must indeed wonder… HMM? McLaren Mercedes, isn’t Mercedes Benz a German firm? Is it possible that Norbert Haag could be able to contact some very nice Frauleins and ask: Meine Freunde kleine Wurst, Frau bitte finden!

It’s just a thought, since Mosley seems to have unfairly gone after McLaren while letting Flavour Flav and the Reggie slide.