Saturday, May 10, 2008

F1 Qualifying revision

VERRY SADLY, with the unfortunate demise of the little team that could… As Aguri Suzuki ceased operations of Super Aguri F1 this past week after Honda executives scuttled plans of a rescue package put forth by the Wiegel Group, we’re now left with only 10 F1 Constructors and thus Formula 1 knockout qualifying has been adjusted.

With only 20 cars participating, the first two sessions will see a reduction of one car being eliminated, as only five cars will be “bumped” out of advancing from the first two rounds of qualifying. Thus “Q1” will see positions 1-15 moving onto “Q2,” while the final “Qualie” session “Q3” will feature positions 1-10 fighting for the pole position…

We’ll MISS YUH “Super Best Friends!”