Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Carber-RATT-ur Day

Still don’t have any inkling how Messer Gourdoun’s outing at the RASSCAR woodshed went today…

But, one more reason Robby may wish to focus upon competing at Indy this May is the headliner for ‘Ol Milwaukee’s, Err Miller beer’s Carburetor Day concert.

You may recall that some RAPPER was the big Dawg last year, Nope, weren’t Snoop Dog Dog, nor 85 center… It was some guy named Kid Rock. Now reports claim that this year’s entertainers will be the just reunited Stone Temple Pilots, who are sure to put the audience in a Rockin’ mood, when the infield will be filled with admiring Hoosier’s. Previous groups to entertain the masses include the B-52’s and the Black Crows…

So perhaps Dirtmann will wanna drive his street legal Hummer Dakar buggy down to 16th & Georgetown and catch the show. HMM? I wander if that MONSTER drinks mobile will fit thru the tunnel? Yet, I’m sure that the Yellow shirts will tell the Californian where’d duh go, eh?

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