Monday, March 31, 2008


So that was a pretty entertaining start to the inaugural Indy Car World Series racing season, this past Saturday night, eh? As the past weekend kinda reminded me of another SORRID era in Open Wheel Racing…

The year was 2002 and I recall being SOO……. DAMN Excited as I’d finally taken the plunge and bought a DISH Network satellite system after I’d spent the previous two years fighting with our STUPID Property Mgmt Co. As they were UNWILLING to help entice their preferred $ingle source TV provider (Castle Cable) ADD the Speed Channel to their PATHETIC line-up. Yep, Equity Corp. based in Chicago was unwilling to get onto the blower to have this ‘lil “Mom ‘N Pop” Santa Clara, CA based outfit step up to the plate… And now thankfully? We have Comca$t cable, but I digress…

As I mentioned, the year was 2002, in what would be the final season of CART and I was ecstatic, as I sat gleefully laughing at my TV set as I was just dumbstruck that I was actually able to watch the Speed Channel after two years of NO SPEED… Which was at that time broadcasting live coverage of final Qualifying. As the bright red “Targe-Jey” Reynard/Toyota of Kenny Brack flashed across the telescreen…

Ah, those were the Good ‘Ol Dazes! Does anybody remember when SPEED actually covered Open Wheel Racing Qualifying sessions live… And not that KRAPY pre-packaged 30 minute filler they forced us to endure during the later stages of Champ Cars pathetic TV coverage.

So, like I used to be able to do via the internets… For Champ Car qualifying, before somebody pulled the plug! I sat down and listened to the Indy Car qualifying at Homestead this past Friday, which was really fun to do, since it was live with Mark James & Davey Hamilton with NO commercial breaks… Followed up immediately by the Flinstone Indy Lites Q-Session, which featured; Arie Luyendyk 2.0, Just Al, Err Al Unser the 43rd, Rafael Matos and some kid named Danny Bonna-doochey… Who’s somehow related to Eddie (“UNDER-Ah-Cheever”) Cheever?

Since I couldn’t figure out how to pull up the Flinstone’s race live via the internets. (Apparently there’s only a live video feed and NO audio only feed?) Thus, you can watch the tape delayed coverage on The Deuce (ESPN2) April 3rd @ 4:30PM EASTERN, if so desired…

As for the Indy Car race itself… It was fairly decent once they got rid of that horrific split screen start. As I was still laughing over the fact that Tony George’s cars got sent to the rear of the grid for cheating…?

And it looked like Dan the man Wheldon was gonna make a mockery of the entire field as he serenely picked off car after car on his impressive march to the front, while isn’t it time for a Princess report? Where’s Danica now and what are her Mum ‘N Pop doing?

And never fear Milka’s HIT the WALL! Wonder how many chassis D & R will get to rebuild this season? Unfortunately I’ll bet they’ll get really good at it, eh? As Ryan Briscoe got DUNO-ED… But at least it wasn’t as bad as the Spinning Ernesto, who haplessly collected race leader Tony Kanaan with only a handful of laps remaining… Thus giving the victory to pole sitter Scott Dixon.

Homestead Results

Podium1. Scott Dixon
2. Marco Andretti
3. Dan Wheldon

Full Race Results