Sunday, March 2, 2008

And the Indy Car wheels go round ‘N round

Hopefully I’m NOT taking the bait, but a few comments on the blogosphere have recently gotten my dander up, as some IRL pundits seem to be a little bit country, while us fellow Champ Car diehards may be a little bit Rock ‘N Roll, with some of ‘dem IRL dude’s just being plain wicked, as it did indeed PAIN me to consider the possibility of Paul Tracy driving for Vision Racing Christopher!

And although I’ve been a huge critic of Kevin “Smiley Face” Kalkhoven and am indeed glad to see him become the former owner of Champ Car, I’m not completely thrilled with the demise of this once wonderful racing series, which sadly has sunken into a watery grave alongside the Titanic? Yet, I’m not pleading for it to return, just that it be given its due, especially since I’m bummed out they’re won’t be a race at Portland this year.

And while I realize it’s like comparing apples to oranges, did anybody happen to notice that prior to the merger, err, takeover… That the Panoz chassis ran alongside the Dallara at Sebring and was faster, of course the DP01 has more horsepower and weighs less, so it should be faster, but my point is I’m getting really tired of hearing the barbs about Paul Tracy NEVER driving one of those CRAP WAGONS… Which I believe they were during their infancy! Recall that the IRL chassis didn’t begin life as Swans, but indeed ugly ducklings as they didn’t even sound like race cars way back when they ran Niss-son’s… And isn’t it funny that they’ve gone for the high air box look of Formula 1 chassis, eh? As you have to admit that the turbocharged Cosworth racers have a siren song sound all of their own…

In deference to Tony George pouring salt into the wounds of us Chump Carzs ‘Ol Timers, by hiring Paul “Chrome Horn” Tracy, which in some ways would be poetic justice… How about instead, Messer Kalkhoven turn the tide by bulking up KV Racing into a three car “Super Team,” a la Team Penske, Team KOOL Green and ultimately Andretti Green Racing. As I think it would be quite entertaining to see Tracy reunited with his San Jose sparrin’ partner Alex Tagliani! This would be even more ironic as TAG got the boot from Player’s Forsythe in order to make room for Paul Tracy alongside fellow Kanuck Patrick Carpentier.

Of course, we’ve all seemed to forget that Newman Haas Lanigan Racing attempted to wrestle Vitor Meiraaway from Panther Racing prior to the merger, so why couldn’t they field a third chassis for the “Thrill from West Hill,” since I believe one of the few teams Tracy hasn’t driven for is Chip Ganassi while previously having done stints with The Captain and Carl Haas. And while there still may be some horse trading going on between the Cheepster ‘N George over you take my driver and I’ll take your’s. (Alex Lloyd) Why couldn’t Luczo Dragon suddenly become a two car full season operation and a bonified satellite Penske team?

Then again why not Pacific Coast Motorsports, or does George have visions of running in Mexico, wishing to keep the seat open for David Martinez, as I guess the chances of an AJ Foyt souper-dooper racing team has fallen by the wayside with the rumoured hiring of mui pileto Poncho Vila, err Pablo Donoso. (According to My Name is IRL) As perhaps ‘Ol Super Tex decided to take up Tony on his free Dallara/Honda offer after all, eh? And is this in preparations for possible expansion in to Southern Americana?

Interestingly Milka Duno has transferred her Citgo sponsorship to D & R, while fellow female racing driver Ana Beatriz will race for Sam Schmidt in the Indy Pro Series this season with hopes of graduating to Indy Car, thus could Tony be making a run for the border?

And with all of this conjecture (Hot Air? (Could somebody please tell me why Newman Haas Lanigan isn’t transferring its Mic Dougal’s sponsorship to Graham Rahal’s Indy Car? As according to Justin Wilson’s website, he’ll be piloting the #02 Mickey D’s Dallara/Honda/Firestone for N/H/L this season in Indy Car. Yet, I really don’t want to see Justin Wilson pimping for the golden arches… I mean don’t they eat Fish ‘N Chips across the Pond?

Oh crap! There’s the doorbell, gotta run, I think it’s the UPS guy? You know what can brown do for you… As I’m expecting my race tickets for this year’s event at that ‘lil ol place Rusty built, you know in the land ‘O corn, err Iowa… Hmm? Corn, brown, running for the border: Oh never mind!