Saturday, March 22, 2008


Boo hoo hoo… As I’ve just spent the past two weeks frolicking about the Lone Star state, our Nation’s capital for a whole two hours, an aborted farewell send off to Albin, a nightmarish attempt to fly home along with missing the first Grand Prix of the season, which is extraordinary for me!!! As I cannot remember the last time I wasn’t firmly affixed to the captain’s chair in front of the boob tube to watch the season opening round that I wait all winter for…

I’ve just managed to finish watching several hours of Memorex via the ‘Ol School VCR, which has left me gasping for air as I’ve succumbed to the dreaded aeroplane sickness… Better known as Economy Cabin Fever! As I know Y’all will be sheddin’ a tear for me, eh? While still trying to digest the INSANITY of the season opener from Oz.

Aw, the life “O Riley, eh? As in Radar O’Reilly! Now somebody pass me a Halls cough drop! Or perhaps the Easter Bunny will bring me some Nyquil; you know the put you into a coma cough syrup relief medicine. Yeah, don’t worry, I’m NOT operating any heavy machinery right now…

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