Thursday, March 27, 2008

You make the call

While recently frolicking about the Lone Star state, the conversation drifted towards racing, which some people claim I have an obsession with…

As I casually mentioned that the two warring factions; CCWS vs. IRL had merged, Mary Ellen said; “So what do they call it now?"
“The names IRL and Indy Car are OBSOLETE!”

We need a NEW series name to commemorate the merging) It’s a TAKEOVER, NOT A MERGER) of these two noble leagues. After all what’s in the name Indy Car? That would be like calling Formula 1 “Lundy Car” (“Bernie Car?”) in deference to F1 Czar Emperor Bernardo’s home town. Or “Silvy Car” after England’s beloved home Grand Prix circuit, as Fortunately Championship Car/CART/Champ Car didn’t take the bait, as the series would have potentially been named “Porty Car” in deference to the very first AAA sanctioned Champ Car race being held in the Rose City (Portland, OR) in 1909.

Therefore, I put forth the notion that we should all put our thinking caps on and see if we can come up with an appropriate series moniker (Keep it clean fellahs, or the PCNA may drop by your residence with a bar ‘O soap) for the newly Unified racing series.

Anyone who is interested may submit as many names as desired by either leaving a comment or shooting an email to Tomaso at

After a little time has gone by to let the pot boil, He’ll post a list of potential selections, which everybody could vote on their favourite selection and then Tomaso would happily forward the suggestion to the esteemed Mr. George…

I’m confident that we’ll ALL be very creative and get behind our new selection, as we are after all, the most important link-in-the-chain. (THE FANS!)

To get the ball rolling, I (Mary Ellen) submit my choice, which is; “unity Cars.” (After all, we are entering the Age of Aquarius and we are ALL supposed to get along!) It could also be called the “URL” for short. (Unity Racing League) So, c’mon Y’all and send those suggestions in…

Mary Ellen
Tacoma Bureau Chief

Editor’s note:As you may already know, Tomaso’s suggestion is the Indy Car World Series, in the hopes the “Roadification” of Indy Cars will lead us back to those glory years ‘O yesterday when CART traveled the globe.

Meanwhile the tag line I AM INDY has already been put forward by former pitchman Gene Simonize, while the folks at 16th & Georgetown have been working overtime with the new punch line I Am Indy, One series, All the Stars along with the rebirth of Firestone Indy Lights, which previously was a CART feeder series, while the Indy Pro Series will thankfully be buried… Hey, perhaps “IOWR?” (Int’l Open Wheel Racers) Nah, it sounds like Tony OWES us something or that ‘lil city of squealing bacon ‘N corn. (Iowa) Geez, what’ll be next? Helmet tosses or Rock em Sock em wrasslin’ in full uniforms plus brain buckets firmly affixed?

And sorry folks, but the No Fenders piggy bank is currently broken after two weeks in Texas/Washington DC. Therefore I don’t have any prizes to dole out to the winners…